Saving the Giant Air Plant Bromeliad Weevil Report

to Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies by Dr. Teresa Cooper UF Entomologist 

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Endangered Giant Air Plant (tillandsia utriculata)
killed by invasive, Mexican weevil (metamasius callizona).
Weevil lays eggs in mature bromeliad and the larvae kill the plant before it can reproduce. This plant, 15-20 years old, had 5 larvae in various stages of maturity.

Sarasota County and Selby Gardens has hosted several workshops on bromeliads threatened by the Mexican weevil. The conference was attended by staff members, researchers and volunteers from several agencies and natural lands--including Florida State parks, the University of Florida, New College, Sarasota County, Selby and Naples Botanical Gardens and volunteers--to learn about and discuss strategies to save several threatened species of bromeliad, especially tillandsia utriculata, Giant Air Plant, GAP, (pictured at left with emerging bloom spike)


University of Florida Department of Entomology and Nematology--featured pest, Mexican Bromeliad Weevil updated April, 2016


Bruce Holst's photo gallery of the Fakahatchee Tillandsia utriculata intervention

Bruce Holst's photo gallery of the Fakahatchee Tillandsia utriculata intervention part 2 

Save Florida’s Native Bromeliads” Click here for more information.

Brad Oberle: Summary of Selby Meeting on Bromeliad Conservation
Brad Oberle Summary 10.17.18.pdf
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Saving the Giant Air Plant in Florida: Gap Presentation by Dr. Teresa M. Cooper, December 2015
GAP 2015 COOPER.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Presentation 54.0 MB
Bruce Holst: A Fakhatchee Intervention 3/30/2016
Sequestering Giant Air Plants threatened by an invasive Mexican weevil.
Selby Gardens GAPs.pptx
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Katie Schulman's Poster--presentation on pesticide use on bromeliad weevil.
Examining the efficacy of pesticide use in the laboratory to treat
Tillandsia utriculata against the exotic invasive arthropod species
Metamasius callizona
Katie Schulman, Dr. John Herman, Dr. Teresa Cooper
Katie Schulman Poster 2105.pdf
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Shown above left is the native Florida bromeliad weevil Metamasius mosieri Barber

On the right is the invasive Mexican bromeliad weevil Metamasius callizona

Saving Florida's Bromeliads
FCBS Volume 36, Issue 1. Teresa Cooper's presentation Feb. 2016
fcbs 2-2016 Cooper 02-2016.pdf
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