11/22/21  Minutes by Secretary, Russ Johnson 

The November 22, 2021 meeting of the Friends of Carlton Reserve (FCR) was attended by Pam Cooper, Dave Cottrill, Mary-Ann Cottrill, Jim Courtright, Jim Cranston, Donna Day, Jean-Louis Dumaine, Dan Hamari, Russ Johnson, Brooke Langston, Jim Lombardi, Linda Lovallo, Meghan Meyer, Martin Siesta, Steve Simon, Art Smith, Sherm Stratton, Robin Switzer and Ernie Winn.

Jim Courtright led the meeting and asked us all to introduce ourselves.  Meghan Meyer then brought us up to date on repairing the fire damage.  The Kubota shed, the tool shed and the GAP storage cage between them as well as the pole barn were all completely destroyed by the fire that was started by lightning.  The pole barn will not be replaced.  A single new building having a footprint roughly the same as the combined previous buildings is planned.  It will be separated from trees by the space that was occupied by the pole barn (plus some tree cutting) and be a sturdier building.  The Kubota has been replaced as well as some of the tools.  They are currently being stored at the maintenance shed on the Wellfield Road.  There is also some minor sign, bench and culvert damage to be replaced.

With respect to damage caused by traffic in connection with Brian Laundrie, time and Mother Nature have pretty much solved the problem.  Planning is underway for Fire Fest on 1/29/22.  The Fire Department is bringing the pre-packaged food (following Covid protocols).  The location will be the overflow parking field.  A discussion followed regarding the reduction of pigs in this park and other parks.  Today, the USDA prohibits marketing products obtained from wild pigs.  Therefore, the pigs are slaughtered and their remains left to decompose at secluded spots.  This process occurs in just a few days.

Art Smith reviewed the “You Are Here” sign program.  It has been very popular and successful in helping people find their way in the park.  He was looking at five or six more spots for signs.  A motion was made and unanimously approved to authorize spending up to $1,000 on such additional signs.

The Wildlife Monitoring Program (Camera Program) was affected by the Brian Laundrie search.  All memory storage cards in cameras were turned over to police.  The cards were then returned, contents saved, and clean cards returned to the eleven cameras.  Donna and Ernie used the new Kubota to do this work.

Donna brought a mature Giant Air Plant to show us how big and healthy they can be.  The process of saving the plants is complex.  One of the cages was lost in the fire, and other improvements may be necessary.  A motion was made and unanimously approved to authorize spending up to $2,000 on needed cage(s) and equipment.

Art explained that the Wednesday Crew (trail maintenance and other park support) has been delayed by the loss of the Kubota and tools.  He tossed out some ideas for additional projects including a Native Plant Demonstration Garden in the Public Use Facility (PUF).  The County has several assignments on Wednesdays.  Tuesday is a better day for such a support team, and Art will consider making the team a “Tuesday Tasking” crew.

Sherm reviewed the website status.  The search for Brian Laundrie can only be described as “explosive” as far as the website is concerned.  He read off numbers of “hits” and how they grew.  There still is residual activity.  Actually, there are two websites – www.carltonresrve.org and www.facebook.com/CarltonReserve/.

With respect to the election of officers for FCR, a nominating committee will be formed, and a slate of candidates will be submitted for members to vote on at the January 2022 meeting.


Our next meeting is anticipated to be prior to Fire Fest on 1/29/22.




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