Venice Gondolier features long term Friend of the Carlton,  

Kelly Caldwell


 2/3/2018 edition, B section, p. 1

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Wonder who's watching when you're on that solitary walk?



Stan Teague photographed these secret sharers.


See other snapshots from the Reserve here.







Bee hive along the Myakka River


Black Skimmers of Lido Beach

Latest and last of Darryl Saffer's Florida Field Journal films for the Education channel.

A Place To Call Home: Carlton Reserve

Debbie Blanco, Steve Christian, Randy Hurley

interviewed on WWSB Ch. 7,  June 12, 2017

See what's coming to a park near you soon. Preview of coming attractions:

Sarasota County Parks Master Plan (download)

Barred owls sighted in the Reserve this week--pair and baby (same area so these are the likely parents)

Photos by Donna Day (baby 3/26/17) and Dave Cottrill (pair, chick outside nest 4/1/17)

Debbie Blanco interview at Carlton Reserve cabin on WTSP:

Female Panther & kittens sighted north of Caloosahatchee River

Check out Steve Christian's latest proposal for the Churchill tract. 

Get Updates on current and proposed single track biking in the Carlton and connecting lands.

Click Bike Venice Florida for great regional biking information!



They're ba-ack! Visitors are sighting Swallow Tailed Kites in the Reserve.


Joe Saladino took this shot near Myakka River State Park

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Read more about 

CARLTON's Extraordinary Journey,

the kite collared here  last spring?


 Read more about the Project


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A Catbird Reflects on 

Wildlife Viewing Wildlife In the Carlton Reserve

photo of by Dave Cottrill

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T. Mabry Carlton, Jr. Memorial Reserve, protects Sarasota County's water supply and habitat for wildlife. It does not permit pets. Pets are permitted elsewhere on leash in 71 parklands and off leash in 5 others. Click Here for list.

The FWC believes a female panther has crossed the Caloosahatchee River, the first in more than 40 years--great news for the long term prospects for the endangered animal's survival.

Read more here

See more photos here

Need a Wilderness Break?--check out Darryl Saffer's new Field Journal episode: Wyoming Wild

E.O. Wilson explains why parks and nature are really good for your brain: Washington Post

So when the Washington Post asked Wilson what he thought about the mechanism by which these environments relax, rejuvenate and restore people. His answer was simple but pretty sweeping at the same time.

“Instinctively, without understanding what’s happening, they know that in certain wild environments, they have come home.” 

Three miles of Myakka River and 1143 acres of headwaters placed in conservation easement.

Click on picture to read more.

The images below were captured by a trail camera before, during and after a prescribed burn to reduce fire load--note the immediate return of wildlife. 

THANK YOU for Helping us protect this NATURAL LAND LEGACY 

for us, our children, and our children's children during the recent Giving Partner Challenge !!!


Go to the 2015-16 Newsletter to see what your membership, volunteerism and donations accomplished in the 2015-16 season.


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The Florida Field Journal

by Darryl Saffer

Carlton Reserve Featured in Sun Gondolier June 2016. Article by Beth Donofrio. 

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What's springing up in the Reserve?

3 photos by Dave Cottrill

Darryl Saffer video news:

The Evil Weevil part 3 now airing on the Education Channel, You Tube

Wildlife Photography: second in a web series  on You Tube.

Notebook sketch of Oscar Scherer State Park: Florida Field Journal

"Not Long Ago," a FL Field Journal video is being screened Feb. 14, 2016 in Gainesville:    Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival: schedule



Saving the Giant Air Plant 

Bromeliad Weevil Report to Florida Council of Bromeliad Society

by Dr. Teresa Cooper, UF Entomologist 

February 2016 more info






Darryl Saffer has given voice to one of our own-- Grandmother Oak located in the Carlton Reserve



Darryl Saffer video essay on MRSP

 Not Long Ago



Guess who turned up for the first time (confirmed) in the history of the T. Mabry Carlton, Jr. Memorial Reserve ? CLICK HERE

Dr. Mary Jelks on Myakka River State Park

oral history project   Slideshow


 Groups move to protect state parks  

Petition: PARKS IN PERIL            video:Payne's Prairie    


Evil, The Weevil! part 2 

Mexican invasive insect threatens bromeliads

see Darryl Saffer's latest FL Field Journal filmed in the Carlton Reserve

Starring Donna Day, Dr. Theresa Cooper and Mike Owen,  click here


Photo by Darryl Saffer: Hummingbird Clearwing


Beauty from the ashes--new photo by Debbie Blanco


You never know what's waiting for you in the forest. . .Check this out


Carlton Reserve featured in Harbor Style magazine: Seeking Serenity p. 78-88

 (Excellent article overall but here are some corrections/clarifications)


Need a natural escape vacation? check out Florida's Coastal Dune Lakes


2015 FIRE FEST Photos by Jean-Louis Dumaine


Teaching Cats To Dog Paddle? or Crossing the Caloosahatchee 


Drone "Overview" of Piggy's Revenge Biking Event 2015


Debbie Blanco on recent panther sighting in Carlton--TV 10 news


It's Gone!! The Tucker's Camp Trailer retires.

Click here for gallery. Russ organizes Sarasota County volunteers to help Bill Lemons and his crew remove (permanently) Tucker's Camp trailer for restoration in Indiana.

Caught on camera in Carlton Reserve Dec. 2001 Track cast on display in visitor's cabin
Caught on camera in Carlton Reserve Dec. 2001 Track cast on display in visitor's cabin
Carlton Feb. 2010, View footprint in visitor's cabin
Carlton Feb. 2010, View footprint in visitor's cabin

     We are a 501(C)3 community support organization whose mission is to support the parks and natural lands of Sarasota County, Florida.

      With 24,565 acres  on the state protected "wild and scenic" Myakka River, the Carlton Reserve has over 90 miles of trails and nearly 40 square miles for wilderness recreation:



  • hiking
  • biking
  • paddling
  • horseback riding
  • reserved camping on a limited basis at designated sites.

The Carlton Reserve is wilderness habitat/environmentally sensitive land:  

No pets     No hunting 

Ordinances, Resolutions and State Laws Protecting the Carlton


Economic Benefits of Wilderness: US Fish&Wildlife Service

     $4.87 economic benefit for each tax dollar spent on wilderness Click here 

     75% from passive recreation: hiking, biking, picnicking Click here

Global Forest Change Map: zoom in to view Florida and Carlton

Threatened Native Bromeliad Found in Carlton Reserve Picture here

Friends of the Carlton receive Microsoft grant Click here

Fall 2012 Newsletter Click here


Guide and Maps of Invasive Species  Click here.



Florida Field Journal: Crowley Museum and Nature Center: video

Florida Field Journal: Selby Gardens 1, by Darryl Saffer video

FL Field Journal: Fire and Flood, Myakka RSP by Darryl Saffer video

Recommended streaming video: Great Plains Episode 1   Episode 2

Monitor Poaching in Africa, Sri Lanka on iPhone:Instant Wild

Photo of the Month: Stewards of the Land, the Next Generation

Leucistic Buck caught on cameras in Carlton over 5 years: click here

Sierra Club lawsuit to protect panther habitat from Off Road Vehicles

Nature Conservancy Buys Critical Panther Corridor: Click here.

Florida Field Journal: Baby Birds, Save Our Seabirds,by Darryl Saffer:video

Florida Field Journal: Celery Fields-Jeanne Dubi: by Darryl Saffer:video

Gators Gather at Deep Hole: video

Great Backyard Bird Count Feb. 17, 2013. View here

Cornell Ornithology Lab Project Preview: BIRDS OF PARADISE

World Heritage Sites   360˚ aerial views



PantherTalk and Natural Lands

Panther Breeding Territory Expanding Northward? Herald Tribune, Oct.12

Panthers May be Moving North St. Pete Times Jan.04

Panther Habitat Facts Tampa Tribune

Panther Habitat Protection in Florida Sierra Club

Lawsuit Over Panther Habitat Protection Sierra Club

 Friends of the Fakahatchee Trail Camera Gallery

The Wanderer, Panther No. 62 Craig Pittman

Paving Paradise Craig Pittman


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