Banded water snakes

(not poisonous)


photographed in the Reserve


by Art Smith




Encyclia Tampensis

(butterfly orchid)

in full bloom now in the Reserve

Photo by Art Smith



Yellow or eastern rat snake

Pantherophis alleghaniensis


Carlton Reserve

Thursday, March 21, 2019





Savannah False Pimpernel

Lindernia grandiflora


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Barred Owl

Photo by Dave Cottrill

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Grasspink, Calopogon multiflorus

a terrestrial orchid that appeared within a few days after a prescribed burn in the Carlton Reserve.




Tiny grasshopper catches ride on softshell turtle as she goes ashore to lay eggs on the W. Powerline near the Myakka River 

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Spring comes to Who-ville


Great Horned Owl Chicks in the Carlton Reserve


Photo by Art Smith

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Wonder who's watching when you're on that solitary walk?



Stan Teague photographed these secret sharers.


See other snapshots from the Reserve here.



A Catbird Reflects on 

Wildlife Viewing Wildlife In the Carlton Reserve

photo of by Dave Cottrill

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Thanksgiving 2017

in the Carlton

Photo by Stan Teague






Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Photo by Jean-Louis Dumaine

Slideshow below by Dave Cottrill, Black Kat Graphics

Sky Flower--Hydrolea corymbose,  photo by Ernie Winn
Sky Flower--Hydrolea corymbose, photo by Ernie Winn
Eulophia Alta, Wild Coco Orchid , photo by Donna Day
Eulophia Alta, Wild Coco Orchid , photo by Donna Day
Photo by Dave Cottrill
Photo by Dave Cottrill
Photo by Dave Cottrill
Photo by Dave Cottrill
Photo by Dave Cottrill
Photo by Dave Cottrill

Hummingbird clearwing, Hemaris thysbe,  

photo by Darryl Saffer:

Beauty after prescribed burn

Grass Pink: Calopogon pallidus

photo: Debbie Blanco

Bobcat Photos by Ed Hess 3/31/15

Freshly hatched baby alligators on South Power Line 

Photo by Sherm

Green Anole: shedding skin or latest haute couture?  

Photo by Jean-Louis Dumaine

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest coyote of them all?"

Caught on trail camera in December 2012.

Shall we call him Spot?

 This leucistic (partial albino) buck has been caught in our trail cameras several times over the past 6 years, each time with a more impressive set of antlers, visible in past photos.

Baby Black Racer

(non-venomous, beneficial, indigenous Florida snake)

Photo by Michael Robbins




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