How to differentiate coral snake from its "mockups" :

Gary Lute:We also have the native Scarlett snake Cemophora coccinea. It has the same color as the Scarlett Kingsnake but the rings do not extend across the belly. Also the Scarlett snake can have white instead of yellow rings. 

If you can't remember the color arrangement look at the tip of the snout. The 2 non-venomous snakes have a red tip snout, the venomous Coral snake will have a black tip snout. 
Aberrant (not typical) color patterns do occur so it's best to leave it alone if you are unsure what it is. All of these rules are for our region only, if you go south of the border do not rely on them.

Eastern Diamondback 

photo by Troy Franson

Spotted this week, Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes

Mating and spring time--ride and tread carefully.

Photos by Sherm Stratton and Dave Schaefer







Banded water snakes

(not poisonous)


photographed in the Reserve


by Art Smith



Yellow or eastern rat snake

Pantherophis alleghaniensis


Carlton Reserve

Thursday, March 21, 2019




Tiny grasshopper catches ride on softshell turtle as she goes ashore to lay eggs on the W. Powerline near the Myakka River 

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