Panther Family Rescue, Photos by Carlton Ward, The Guardian 10/13/2019

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The FWC believes a female panther has crossed the Caloosahatchee River, the first in more than 40 years--great news for the long term prospects for the endangered animal's survival.

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Injured panther undergoes orthopedic surgery at University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine.


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20th panther killed by a car this year.


Reminder of how important preserved lands are not only for endangered species but for all species.

Panther chasing feral hog--unknown location
Panther chasing feral hog--unknown location

Have you seen a panther? Notify the Florida Wildlife Commission here.

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Florida SIERRA CLUB panther site


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*please note that the pictured animal is a bobcat but the site includes several possible but unconfirmed sightings of panthers by residents)




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