Carlton Trail Map--Color Guided, Close in Trails
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SCORR's latest Boldly Go map with SOTR and Rhindoculus loops
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Carlton Ranch Fee Parcel Trail Map
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Carlton Trail Map with Mileage Between Markers
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Trail Notes for Biking/Hiking        updated 3/8/2017


All self-guiding (color markers) trails have been mowed  except for yellow loop in public area (flooded). Backcountry trails are seasonally flooded.

South Powerline and Wellfield Loop Road are alomost always reliable.




All trails beyond the handicapped access public area are multi-use trails. Please be courteous and safe to other trail users. Many Backcountry Trails have recent hog damage--this makes bike riding difficult until rains settle the surface. Most trails may also double as firebreaks and may have been disced by tractors or otherwise conditioned to expose the soil which may become sandy in places. Be alert to regular prescribed burns. Stay clear of burn personnel and equipment. Get burn schedule at Sarasota call center: 861 5000.


Use the map link (below) to download the current trail map but be advised that trail conditions change daily with rains, hog rooting, wild and controlled fires, timber thinning, water facility construction, and powerline maintenance.


Problem Areas and Changes

Rocky Ford Trail. Use the cutover at 54 through the Homestead Campsite at 55 to access Rocky Ford.  Trail may be flooded seasonally west of new pumping station between 12 and 53. 57 to 56 is no longer mowed or maintained.

Vicker’s Head Trail is frequently wet or flooded in places north from 19.

Light Blue cutover trail from red to power line is mowed but often wet. 

Tiger Marsh area and east of Blackmon’s Camp is seasonally wet in the NE quadrant of the Reserve and may not have been mowed due to water on trail.  

South Power line east of Mabry Carlton Parkway and Well Field Loop Road are in good condition.

Stockade Trail from 13 to 15 is mostly grassy but may be seasonally sandy or muddy. Stream crossings north of #8 and #9.

Turpentine Trail, north from 20, is raised for the first mile. Seasonally wet areas between 20A and 27.

Self-guiding trails mowed except when seasonally flooded:orange, blue, yellow, pink, green-- wet areas on blue loop, on red trail between green and orange, north end of orange, south end of green, and yellow loop around swamp.

South Border Trail between T. Mabry Carlton Parkway, Deer Prairie Slough and 67-- frequent hog damage and may be seasonally flooded or muddy.  


The SWFWMD recreational map is available free. It covers Deer Prairie and other SWFWMD lands. Order from their web site.  SWFWMD (Click on Recreation)

There are signs (placed by Eagle Scouts) on named trails to aide the public in navigating the Reserve. 


Brochure with trail map is available in cabin or visitor kiosks.

OR download brochure in .pdf format here: Carlton Trail map with distances.

Simplified Trail map with distances and marker numbers in color or black/white: see downloads at bottom of this page.


Prescribed Burn Zone Map:   Click to view    

SWFWMD The SWFWMD recreational map is available free. Order from their web site. 

Florida Trails from Florida Trails Association

Florida Trails Network  Interactive Trails Database for State of Florida with map viewer


Simplified 1 page color trail map with distances and markers in jpg format
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Simplified 1 page black/white trail map with distances and markers in jpg format
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Shorter Hikes 11:15:14.pdf
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Favorite Backcountry Hikes 11:15:14.pdf
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Intermediate 1 Turpentine 11:15:2014.pdf
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Intermediate 2 River:Wild Turkey 11:15:2
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Intermediate 3 Victory Garden 11:15:2014
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Long Hike 1 Rocky Ford 11:15:2014.pdf
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Long Hike 2 MRSP 11:15:2014.pdf
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Long Hike 3 Doe Hammock 11:15:2014.pdf
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